Practical Tips for Female Adult Models

Hard Times and Concrete Facts

Any industry can be tough for newcomers. Especially if you are entering blind to the way that business works. For the Adult Industry this is especially true as there are unique issues that no other industry has to deal with. Likely, if you ever hear the term “Facial” in any other industry it usually has to do with a trip to the spa, and a “Creampie” is something you may never associate with food again once you realize the porn equivalent.

Losing your Porn Virginity

The first bit of advice I can give you is, make fucking sure you want to Make Money Fucking! Much like your vaginal virginity, once you lose your on screen virginity you cannot ever get it back. Porn is forever thanks to the internet, just ask Crystal Gunns about that. Obviously being in porn doesn’t make you a bad person but in the minds of some sexually challenged people, it does. Especially in the Po-Dunk Bible thumping areas; and don’t kid yourself, they are not exclusive the southern US states. All I’m saying is make sure you are certain this is something you want to do. If you can honestly tell yourself that you want to be involved in porn and don’t consider it evil, then please continue on! If not you might as well hang up your Whore Hat and go back to being a bar star flashing your tits for shots of Tequila like every other camera shy attention slut. It’ll save you and your producers a lot of headaches in the long run!

Your Vagina is not an ATM machine

Made it past the last section? Ready to “Spread your legs for the industry?” Let’s continue on then. Most girls once in the industry become easily accustomed to fast cash for little effort and work. Then reality sets in one day, “Hey! My rent is due and I spent all my cash how come this fucker won’t pay me for another vagina video right now!” Wondering why? There are many reasons why this may be the case. It could be you aren’t needed for a particular shoot, the producer has enough content for now, you set your rate too high and priced yourself out, or it could be the producer thinks you are a cunt and would rather spend his day with someone who doesn’t make them want to suck on the business end of a Glock. If you honestly can’t figure out why you aren’t being booked you may want seriously consider that it is the latter reason and attempt to remedy it. Whatever the case may be, slow times happen and sometimes you just don’t get booked at the time that you want. Make sure you plan for the future and save your money for slow downs. If you have to choose between groceries and eating your new Gucci Bag please remove yourself from the gene pool by any means necessary. Sage advice for anyone, in any industry.

If you want to be a hot, lasting asset in this biz then ask yourself honestly, “If I was a producer would I want to shoot me?” Are you late often? Do you have an attitude? Are you watching the clock, and asking when you can get paid and leave before you even start? Affirmative answers to these questions should send up warning flags for you. It has been said that porn will suck the soul out of you, when in reality a well adjusted woman who knows herself and her own limits will be just fine. Porn has however, has been known take a girls Work Ethic and throw it out with the used jizz rags.

People who “Work” in porn can stick around for a long time, and make good cash, especially when considering the wages at McDonald’s for a week usually don’t add up to a days work in the industry. Those who lay there barely able to fake a moan, complain about it taking too long and do little more than provide the vagina, can expect to be waiting a while for their next call time. Your performance does matter, and it will directly affect how much a producer can make and in turn, how much you can make.

Got the personality of an electric fence?

How you interact with others on set is going to certainly be a large part of the reputation you make for yourself. Sometimes more so than your stunning beauty. For better or worse unless you are the next Kate’s Playground, (News flash you’re not) chances are you’ll need to work with other people on set; models, assistants, directors, the annoying dude drooling in the corner. (Just kidding about that, no need to get along with him) The point being if you earn a reputation for being a social handgrenade, you could be sex appeal on a stick, and still find yourself waiting for calls to come in.

The reverse is also true, if you are easy to get along with and give your best every time you shoot you’ll find you will be in far higher demand. Surely it’s not about making friends, but if there is even the remote possibility of you ever having to exchange fluids with that person, wouldn’t you want that person to have even a little respect for you and your fluids?

Which brings us to our next issue…

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but BO is the devil

If you are a woman, and are comfortable enough to flash your gash in front of an audience then chances are your not one of the people I am talking about, yet as always there are exceptions to the rule. Hygiene in adult modeling is of absolute importance. As is general body maintainance, Be clean, be clean shaven, (though some shoots require a Brontosaurus Bush, check with the director), a tan doesn’t hurt, have your nails looking good etc.. No different than being a regular woman, look the best that you can and work will find you ;)

This is not an all inclusive list obviously, as there are countless unique circumstances to consider. Such as the ever popular POV with the Lens Cap on, and I lost a sponge under my cervix. Though with a little common sense, and a little help from experienced people in the industry you may be able to navigate your way through this biz, which in all seriousness can be Loads of fun…

While this article was written tongue in cheek, it is also practical advice worthy of some merit. Most of this advice is common sense, yet unfortunately this particular type of sense is somewhat uncommon in our industry.. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to send feedback to

POV with the lens cap on

jolly roger porn dangers

Test Shoots and Compliance taping. (AKA a great way to take advantage a new porn star)


In an industry that is already reviled by much of the public, we have to constantly overcome many negative social views from a variety of sources both legally and morally. Though not completely deserved, this reputation has been partly earned by people who exploit and take advantage of others as can happen in all areas of life.

This can make it an even more difficult for a new talent trying to get in to the business, especially when deciding how, and who to trust.

This is why topics like this anger me more than most. So called “Agents” and “Producers” have been pulling this off for a long time. A hot new fresh face shows up on the scene looking to get in to the industry. Lo and behold up pops all the leeches to “show her the ropes” and get her in with all the producers who will make her a star! All she has to do is a “Test Shoot“, or a “Compliance Video“, just to see how she’ll be on camera, to prove she “has what it takes” and any other number of reasons.

All of which amounts to some loser who can’t get laid on his own, getting his load off at the expense of a naieve young lady who didn’t know any better and is looking to get her, “Break in the business.”

Now on the flip side there are many legit producers who may require you to audition, or take test shots to send to potential clients, which is perfectly acceptable. If they are going to be using the material from test shots there must be contracts and you should certainly be compensated for your time.

It’s certainly hard to tell whats right and wrong when you are new to the biz, but if you have questions make sure you ask around, ask more than one person as everyone has an agenda and if you are ever asked to do a POV with the lens cap on……

(On the flip side if you are a full on whore, like I am, I have no problems sleeping with an employer to get a job, provided she is hot.  Sadly it’s only happend a few times)

Happy (and safe) Fucking for Money!


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Male Pornstar Tips


Dream Job?

If you have a penis, chances are you’ve at least thought about being in a fuck flick. Being the centre of attention; a wild, willing woman in front of you begging for your steaming load. Every mans dream! Then reality sets in; cramped legs, pissy directors, female models bitching about the time, scraping teeth and a hot light burning your ballz. You hard yet?

I’m not saying it’s a bad gig, just be prepared for the less glamorous aspects of this incomparable profession. Never lose sight of the fact that this is a job. Director’s don’t ever think of you as irreplaceable, and most girls will never think of you as a superstud and start calling for booty calls at all hours of the night. (Mostly ;) ) The unfortunate truth is these girls are here, fucking you because they are paid to do so. This is the biggest thing you need to understand as a guy in this industry, “You are a Prop!” If a light bulb burns out on set and doesn’t work. It is promptly replaced never to be used again. Same goes for you champ. ;)

Your Cock should be in Guinness!

Soft Stud Stout

Every man shares a special bond with their cock. You love it like a proud father of an Olympic athlete. No way any other cock as good as yours, right? Believe me confidence is important in this biz, but an equal amount of humility would serve you as well. Sure you may have banged 3 cheerleaders while their boyfriends played football and they all called for an encore. Sure you blasted 6 times in one night with your previous girlfriend; and everyone always says to you, “Hey you shoulddo porn!” How could you not be porn material, right? Chances are if your actual sexual resume is even half of what it is in your mind, it still wouldn’t make a lick of difference unless it included being on an actual porn set with an actual agenda of making money. Doing a Tommy Lee POV doesn’t coun’t; having sex with your girlfriend while your horny mate films wishing he had a girlfriend doesn’t count either. Performing with a woman who wants you is the most natural thing for a dick to do, getting up and being hard with a woman with a smelly puss and bitchy attitude is certainly not natural. Neither is stretching your back out and cramping legs for the proper camera angles. Add to that a stressed out director, who is worried about budgets, his next shoot and the tempermental diva you are supposed to make sweet love to. If he doesn’t take out his frustrations on you, count your self lucky. That will certainly change if you have to cut every thirty seconds to maintain wood, forget where the camera is and block the shot with your hands, hips or by just blindly humping away like a horny gorilla. I say all this because it happens daily on porn sets around the world, everyone thinks they will be different, and most aren’t. The biggest reason is people enter the biz with a false perception of what it is. Keep an open mind, accept the reality fof what porn is and you may actually do ok.

Excuses are like assholes…..

Janessa Jordan and MaxineX Asses Plugged

Janessa Jordan and MaxineX Asses Plugged

… just some are bigger than others. You show up late, you got an excuse, your dick is soft you got an excuse, you beat it like it owes you money and nothing comes out you got an excuse. Just like high school, there are consequences for not doing what you are supposed to do; except your not gonna get detention, or a call to your parents, in fact don’t expect any calls at all. The ‘Hard‘ truth of it is, if for some reason at all you cost a production time / money, you can be well assured your contact info will be promptly lost in the oblivion that is the wanna be porn stud twilight zone, never to be seen again. Your dick is your responsibility, and it is NEVER, the fault of the lights being too hot, the girl not being hot enough, or tonging your balls well enough. The onus is on you and you alone studly! Remember that!  Another reality of the biz these days is most guys do take some sort of enhancement.  Which puts guys who do it au natural at a disadvantage.  If you want to Buy Viagra Online, that is probably the cheapest way to do it (Generic is chemically the same thing as Brand name), not to mention the hassle of trying to explain to a doctor why you need it.  Explaining why you need the monthly dick check is gonna be awkward enough.

Your dick is hard, now what to do?

If you actually make it on to a porn set congrats! You’ve got your shot,performed admirably in a couple gangbangs and footjobs and someone figured they could trust you with a real live girl on your own! Or someone called in sick, whatever. The point is once you are there there are some things you should be aware of. The first is your hygiene. For the love of Christ video this is a visual medium so shave, workout, bush your hair and teeth, and most of all remember, your shower that morning is not sufficient for a shoot that evening, and dick cheese is a sure way to get you put on everyone’s NO list.  A NO list isn’t  a secret slut database of porn girl preferences, but a very real term to tell a producer that in no way is your dick going near her. Chances are you’ll end up on someone’s list at some point but end up on enough of them for the worng reasons, and you can say ‘sayonara’ to that Geisha girl revese gangbang you’ve been fantasizing about all your life. Believe me there is no sanctity of privacy in this biz, people talk and word gets around. Your reputation can be destroyed in an instant by one person speading the news about the wonderful smell of your nether-regions. Shower often and get to know your local grocers baby wipes section. It will save you embarrassment and the potential for lost work.

Pulling the Pin on the Social Handgrenade

Other things to consider if you want to be invited back to work again, is your on set ettiquette. Dreams of dating a porn superstar, and flirting with drop dead gorgeous girls are enough to make any man a victim of his own delerium. But before you decide to ask that girl on a date because you are so sure her orgasm was real, remember this, it wasn’t. Slapping a girl on the ass while she is changing, or grabbing boob just because she is naked and within arms reach when the camera isn’t rolling is yet again one of those things that will land you in the creepshow category. Leering, talking to her ches,t drooling, and jerking off outside her change room also qualify. Girls are here and fucking you because they are paid to. Do porn relationships happen? Sure they do, often. Do people hookup outside of the biz, yes again! Though chances are if she feels the need, she’ll let you know, especially if you have just met her. Just a thought.

While this article was written tongue in cheek, it is also practical advice worthy of some merit. Most of this advice is common sense, yet unfortunately this particular type of sense is somewhat uncommon in our industry.. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to post a comment and give your feedback.  I look forward to hearing your comments.  Stay tuned for more.

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College Party Gone Wild

Sometimes I can’t believe the situations I get myself in, take for instance when I got approached to shoot sex scenes at college parties!  Let me see, Universtiy tail, free flowing booze, and I get paid?  Sounds like a shitty way to spend the weekend!  You’d think it’d be tough to find will attention whores to film, but throw enough booze and compliments at a lady and oddly enough she becomes far less inhibited! BJ’s, lesbian sex shows, and a cheering squad surround the bed while a huge tittied co-ed gets hammed in to a hot mess!   Most people only have memories and faded pictures to remember thier good ol’ days.  Thanks to me and the miracle of digital media, these crazy kids will have these memories forever!  Nice of me eh?

Come back often for lots more porn updates, as well as more articles on How To Be a Pornstar!

I want to do porn, where do I start?


Welcome to the first of my promised advice articles on the porn industry and how to navigate the uncharted territory of these shark infested waters.  This particular article is geared more toward the ladies, however there’s good info for guys too.   If you are here for free porn, just scroll down and look at the other articles.  ;)

Nobody told me there’d be a test!

If you’ve decided you are open sexually, emotionally stable and made the concious decision to enter the wonderful world of porn, what do you do next? That would mean it’s test time! No algebra here and this is one you’ll need to fail if you want to work in this industry. We do want smart women in the industry (Guys it’s debatable) but we first need proof you are negative to HIV, Gonnohrea, Chlamydia, Syphillis at the bare minimum! In the US there is a place called AIM the leading adult industry testing centre.  They know the industry well  and also have a ton of info for the asking.  In Canada there is no standard association to test perfromers like in the US. Therefore you will need to get your doctor to test you or go to an actual STD clinic! In Canada there are literally tons of free clinics, some that will even test for free! Let them know you are in the Adult Industry and you need to get tested.   You will also need a copy of the results when they come in. It will take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks to come back depending on the clinic. Also if available, get the PCR DNA test vice the Elisa antibody test.  (Google if you need an explanation, I’ll write a separate article at another time)

Will I need anal lube for my Audition?

Let me make this absolutely clear make sure that if there is a video camera on and there is any kind of sex involved that you need to be on the clock; meaning getting paid! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE SEX audition! There will be a future article on Compliance Shoots and Auditions for more details! In any case be wary of wannabe Craigslist producers and protect yourself.  Legit producers especially in smaller towns may advertise on Craigslist, I’m just saying use your head.

Meeting with a producer for the first time.

When you meet with a producer for the first time remember to ask questions. Write them down if you have to. Ask to see samples of the work they have done, if possible the scene you are being asked to do. Being surprised with a hardcore face fucking scene while you were expecting a loving blowjob is awkward! :S In any case have a clear understanding of what you want to do and just as important is what you won’t do.

It’s Porn not Rocket Science!

Even though you may not be a Porn Grandmaster, that’s no excuse for not having common sense. lube doesn’t burn, cum will get on your face, pictures do need smiles and facial expressions other than just stunned will be required. 100 pics of the same facial expression is hardly hot. Merely exposing your vagina is not justification to get paid.  I don’t care what your slutty friend Bambi says!  You are being paid to act in a fantasy! I know this sounds sarcastic and silly, but of course I wouldn’t mention it unless it’s happened, repeatedly.  If want to wor,k and be recommended to other producers, put in an actual effort. It’s funny how this mimcks real life eh?  This doesn’t mean be scared of screwing up, no one expects you to be the next Jenna Jameson, or Sasha Grey.  Just put in the effort ad ask questions if you need to.  ;)

Porn is a real business.

From a producers stand point, please have an ability to cash cheques. If you need to be paid in small unmarked bills because the government has seized your accounts or you think a 3% fee at Money Mart is a rip-off, too fuckin bad. This is a business, and a paper trail needs to layed for accounting purposes, get a damn bank account. In any case your poor financial planning is not the responsibility of the producer. kthx! :) /End annoyed rant from producers perspective…

If you must be paid cash then you should make that clear before the shoot.

The Short List of Porn Preparedness.

- Set your limits Check!

- Got your Biohazard papers? (STD tests) Check!

- Met with producer and scheduled shoot? Check!

- Got your outfit makeup and hair done? Check!

Anatomy of a Porn Shoot.

In most shoots it will work as follows. You show up on set, partially or fully made up. This should be discussed prior with the Producer. The producer should ask for your STD papers as well it will be necessary to show the talent you will be working with. Next you will show your ID and start to fill out your paperwork which will be a model release and possibly one or more forms. If you have any questions about the paperwork be sure to ask! The producer will also want to take a scan or photo of your ID for records. Once you have done that and you are ready to shoot, god willing the crew will be ready too!

The first thing that will happen will usually be Glamour still shots, called “Glams”, or “Pretty Girls“. These are usually followed by digital still of the scene to follow. Basically you are doing the scene in stop motion to get high resolution photos of the scene to follow. This is helpful as a kind of undress rehearsal for the video part, so you know what exactly is going to happen. This is especially difficult for guys trying to stay hard during a scene, don’t be proud, pop a Viagra.  Sometimes the pics are taken as the video is being shot, it just depends on the scene and the producers. Every shoot is slightly different just take this as a guideline.

Once you have gotten all of the stills out of the way it is time for the video! Many scenes start out getting to know the model, asking funny things like your favourite colour, ice cream flavour, or your thoughts on the the middle east peace process. They may want to know your name, cup size, and favourite sex position too! In any case once that is out of the way you will go through the scene as directed. Once it is done to the satisfaction of the director there may be a couple of more pics snapped to get the aftermath (<– Read Cumshot) of the video and boom you’re done!

Now to what you really want to know! How will you get paid? Normally you are paid by cheque, sometimes by cash and you will be required to sign a receipt.

When you have made it this far Congratulations! Remember this article was written with a certain amount of sarcasm to make not so subtle points, and they certainly don’t apply to everyone, certainly not you right? ;) In all seriousness this is a very fun way to make money and if you can get past the jitters even orgasm once in a while! Just try and remember that it is a business and everyone’s time is valuable, including your own!  Take care and have fun fucking for money!

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Tips on how to be a PornStar!

Lance Strong

Over the last few years  I have gotten a lot of emails, facbook messages and just plain asked on the street all kinds of questions.   What was your favourite scene, who is the hottest girl you’ve ever worked with, how many times have you had the clap, you know the usual.  The frequency of these questions has always been far outweighed by the ever popular, “How can I get in to Porn!”  It is for this reason that I am going to start a small series of posts dealing with this issue.  Mainly because I’m lazy and I don’t want to answer the same questions over and over and over…  ;)  Also some of my experiences would have been very good to know myself otherwise I would not have made some of the mistakes I have made in the past!  If I can save someone a little trouble and help them in the right direction the great.  ;)   If not then it hopefully you get some entertainment value out of it.  Stay tuned for updates!

If you can’t wait for the info then tough, bide your time with high quality porn from the good people at Naughty America or go find someone to actually fuck!  Then get out and get some sun your computer will thank you for the downtime.

Naughty America

Tiger Woods 11th Mistress – Joslyn James!

Joslyn James

While I generally don’t go in for all of this gossip shit, I stumbled on something interesting today.  Apparently Tiger Woods has a porn star fetish, like most men with penises.  So it should come as no surprise he’d take a stab at one.  The said girl can be found the Spike Website, and when I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes I knew something looked familiar.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had seen that desk before! :P

In fact I’ve even had sex on that very desk!  How many people can say they’ve had a chick before the immortal golf god Tiger?  Admittedly it’s probably a pretty long list,  but I’m happy to report Phatzane and Lance Strong are on it!  I’m actually glad we did this scene well before Tiger got to her, from what I’ve read in the news he gets around a lot and seems pretty dirty.  No telling what he’s got!  :S

Check out the entire scene here or just check the trailer below if you are a quick shot. ;)

Jenn Seven visits us for an HD Handjob!


Jenn Seven is a taut little cutie with a tough girl image.  This beautifully tattooed, pierced babe in all the naughty places and a wonderful trucker mouth that would rival even the raunchiest sailor, and I say that with the utmost respect.  :)  Her hands thankfully are another story, soft and silky, perfect for giving mind blowing handjobs!  Sadly I was but a horny observer in this little stroke fest behind the camera.  Thankfully the sexy girl made it up to me in private.  Made it all the more nasty.  Grrr.

Where was I again?  Oh yeah Jenn’s sexually educated hands.  This girl certainly gave Bucky aka Buck Wylde a good run as the poor bastard had to call cut only about 10 times or risk a very short scene.  It almost seemed like a game to her bringing him to the edge over and over again.  Maybe we should have slipped a little Viagra in him to numb him out a bit!   This is the kind of girl you do not tell Mama about, but will make a delicious tale for your horny friends.  Lets be honest the world could use more uninhibited babes like her.

See Jenn’s hot handjob video here!

Till then cheers and beers all.  Find someone to give you a handjob today!


Hot Wet Babes with clothes on?

Wet Summer

When my Faux Hawk headed friend called me up to assist on this I thought to myself, “Self; (and I knew it was me because I recognized my voice) what are you gonna do today?  Jump on the Rogan Board, watch porn, smashoff and go to sleep?”  The sad answer to that question was unfortunately yes, so I accepted his offer and headed down to see what’s up. ;)

While this isn’t porn, this was certainly a sexy shoot.  Like most people on the planet I enjoy a hot girl.   When you take that hot girl and soak her completely so that all of her clothes stick to her, like a half cooked pancake to the ceiling after a fucked up flip attempt, all the better.  The girl to the left is Summer Roberts a stunning California cam girl (Suicide Blonde) who’s pictures can’t do justice to the real life version.  This painfully hot blond spent some time washing her clothes in the hot tub then graciously offered the tub to our other model .

Unfortunately because I have chlorine for brains the name of this beautiful brunette escapes me.  The asshole in me wants to say it doesn’t matter what her name is, then I remember I’ve been smacked for forgetting names mid stroke.  So the nice guy in me who likes getting some, wants to apologize to women everywhere.  :)

Hot Wet Brunette

Hot Wet Brunette

Anyways this sultry brunette, and her long sexy legs joined our hot tub party and made a sexy addition to compliment Summer.  I wonder if she’s ever choked anyone with her legs before?  Hmmm, what was I talking about again?  Right, hot wet chicks.   The only complaint I have about this, other than the obvious lack of nudity was the fact that I forgot my scuba gear.  There really should have been a safety diver under the surface to make sure they didn’t drown.  Next time I’ll be better prepared :P

If you want to look at the large pics click on the gallery pictures below.  If you’ve had enough teasing and want to find a girl to spend some “quality”  time with then check out Amateur Match, it’s free to sign up.  The worst that could happen is you get an ugly chick to blow you, the best… a stunner like Summer or her sexy leggy friend.

Cheers and Beers


Wet Look Pro Official Wet Girl Website

Horny Capri Cavalli gives a grand Handjob!

Capri Cavalli ready to stroke my cock

Capri Cavalli ready to stroke my cock

Capri Cavalli is a delicious young woman with a firm ass and big tits on a small little frame.   Sometimes her lesser known assets go unnoticed, notably her well taken care of hands.  This of course made her a perfect addition to our young HD handjob site As soon as she wrapped her hands around my cock I swear I thought it would be over in mere seconds.  Seriously it’s not everyday a girl that hot and taut decides she’d like to stroke my cock. Only happens once a week at best.  ;)  She even had the courtesy to suggest a little oil in order to let things slide nice and slick.  This is one scene I’d like to relive over and over!  Thankfully with the video evidence I can, and I can share it with all of you!

Download Hot Handjob Videos Here!

Cheers and beers all.